Rebecca Oggenfuss

Strategic Communications | Crisis Management | Brand Storytelling

Tell Your Story with Purpose

Crafting the right message doesn’t need to feel hard. Effective storytelling is all about human connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a corporation. Connecting with others comes down to a few simple truths.

It all starts with the right story.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling stories. First for myself as a child, and then later as my profession. And I’ve learned one simple truth.

All communication is storytelling.

Think about your average day. Every interaction you have with others – in your personal and professional life – tells a story.

People often get caught up in the big questions. Should I share that information? How should I express what I need to say?

The question is never if you should tell the story. The question is always how you can tell the most compelling story to create the best outcome possible.

And this is what I love to do. My passion is helping people solve their most complex problems through effective storytelling.

I am an author, strategic communications consultant and mom. I love connecting with others by sharing my personal experiences and professional knowledge. My wanderlust is my true north and I follow it around the world. The experiences I enjoy along the way inspire me to help others through my work every day.

Rebecca Oggenfuss

Author & Strategic Communications Advisor