Rebecca Oggenfuss

Strategic Communications | Crisis Management | Brand Storytelling


Have you heard about The Personal Brand Project yet?

More people are reinventing themselves now than ever. If you’ve been searching for more meaning in your work, looking to better align your image with your true identity, or want a boost of confidence this is the guide for you.
In this book I share my personal experiences as a woman in a largely male dominated business world. These are the stories “behind my resume,” including some of the most painful and challenging events in my career. I bare it all in these pages because I believe there is power in our shared experiences. Your journey is personal to you but you are not alone in it.
The Personal Brand Project: How to uncover your purpose, achieve your goals, and communicate with confidence is your manual to crack the code on creating an image and career that feels authentic to you.
In The Personal Brand Project you’ll learn:
  • How to uncover your passion (yes, it’s possible!)
  • How to define your genius zone (yup, you have one.)
  • What’s holding you back (it might not be what you think.)
  • Your authentic style (along with simple tricks to show up confidently every day.)
This book is a mix of proven business marketing practices and self-discovery tools to help you create the career and life you’re dreaming about; all while showing up with authentic, magnetic confidence every day.